About FMMA

What is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a customized, evidence based approach to treat and prevent chronic lifestyle diseases.

This stream of medicine involves the whole person approach and does not isolate each body organ.

All chronic lifestyle diseases, which are prevalent in current times, are due to the defects in the metabolism. Functional Medicine looks at the underlying factors affecting the overall metabolism of the body. It therefore is able to correct multiple disorders arising due to broken metabolism.

Defects in metabolism could be due to-

    Poor Nutrition
    Toxic Overload
    Gut Damage
    Imbalanced hormones

We address all of the above underlying triggers to ensure that the person approaching us is able to prevent occurrence of fatal non communicable diseases, as well as reverse the existing conditions which are leading to the life threatening conditions like Cancer, Cardio-metabolic and Neurological diseases.

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Dr Kalpana Shekhawat-MD

Why Functional Medicine?

  • We are in the times where we all are swamped with toxins and extremely high-stress levels.
  • These two threats are causing us to have multifold health issues. There is no way a Gut doctor can address your imbalanced neurotransmitters with prescription antacids or antibiotics!
  • What's needed is to identify the imbalance and see the cascading effect it has on your other body organs. Times have changed and the old health care model of an isolated doctor for each organ system is dwindling and for the right reasons!
  • How can you separate and give up on your responsibility of, making a person enjoy the overall health and offer organ specific management of diseases.
  • Here is the new health model, and the doctors practicing this do not offer their patients a pill for each organ-specific ailment.
  • They are rather looking at the whole body improvement and that too with the help of nutrients and not matching the pill to the ill.
  • Functional medicine is revolutionizing the chronic disease management methodology from topping up with chemical-based pills to the correction of underlying disorder!

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Why choose this stream of Medicine

Salient Features

  • Research based proven chronic disease management protocols.
  • Sustainable resolution of the chronic life style diseases by addressing underlying causes. This prevents your patients from taking regular chemical based harmful medications for lifetime.
  • Extensive curriculum which has links given to the scientific research papers, to substantiate every protocol advised.
  • Protocols advised do not pose any risks or side effects, as therapies entail diet corrections, detoxification nutritional supplementation, bio identical hormone replacement therapy etc.

In our one-year online programs you get intensive training on:

Clinical Nutrition
Clinical Nutrition
Cardio Metabolic Disease Prevention
Cardio Metabolic Disease Prevention
Basics of Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy
Basics of Bio Hormone Replacement Therapy
Gut Health and Chronic Diseases
Gut Health and Chronic Diseases

Program is delivered in the form of modules Each module to be completed in 3 months and sample test questionnaire at the end of each module for practice before the final online exam.