• Will I be able to start prescribing supplements after I complete this course?

    Yes if you have the Medical degree you can start prescribing supplements

  • Is this course recognized by MCI?

    This is an add on qualification and equips you to add value to your existing qualification and serve your patients better.

  • I am not a doctor can I take this course?

    Yes you can take short course on nutrition and can become a Functional Medicine Coach

  • I want to learn about nutrition and help my family eat right, is this course for me ?

    Yes you can take clinical nutrition module and learn about nutrition.

  • Can a person from commerce or arts background take this course ?

    Yes you can learn about basics of nutrition.

  • I want to start making healthy meals and sell, will this course be useful for me?

    Yes basics of nutrition is for everyone interested to learn about nutrition.

  • What will be the designation used after my course completion?

    -For doctor- Functional Medicine specialist
    -For nutritionist- Functional Nutrition specialist
    -For health Coaches- Functional Health Coach

  • Is this course valid in other countries like can I work as a nutritionist \ health coach \ practitioner in other countries after completion?

    If you have respective license to practice in the said country you can practice this speciality anywhere, say if you have doctor’s license or Nutritionist license.

  • Can a dentist, a Vet, BAMS, Homeopathic doctor opt for doctor’s course?

    -Dentist – NO
    -Veterinary – NO
    -BAMS   - YES
    -Homeopathic doctor - YES

  • What if I fail my test once, can I re-attempt my exam. If yes, will there be any charges for the same, and if not, how will we proceed further 

    Yes. reattempt fee $200

  • Can I practice individually and write prescriptions after completing this course? 

    Yes, you need basic qualification and this certificate will add value to your existing qualification.

  • Will I get the study material in physical form?


  • Can I start my own clinic after completing this course?