Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a revolutionary Health Care model, which is transforming the chronic disease prevention and management to a mark, which is the need of the 21st century.

This health care approach is primarily based on finding the underlying causes of the chronic diseases.

We are living is a world which is constantly subjecting us to the toxic overload and stress, which are causing multifold health problems such as Nutritional deficiencies, imbalanced hormones damaged gut micro biome etc.… All these in turn raise our inflammatory markers and therefore chronic disease symptoms set in.

This is leading us to live in a state of constant chronic inflammation and causemultiple aliments.Conventionalmedicine, while extremely important to address acute conditions, offers limited long-term benefit in chronic disease management. When it comes to manage and treat chronic diseases conventional medicine is offering more of Band-Aid solutions by masking symptoms and not looking at the underlying causes.What you will learn with FMMA is transformational in the way you will look at your patients. This training will equip your to brain storm more, think out of box and arrive at lasting solution to the health care needs of your patients.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria


All Medical Professionals

MBBS or Higher(Full Course)


Qualified Nutritionists and Dietitians

(Short Course)


Other Healthcare Coaches/Practitioners

(Short Course)

Why Functional Medicine?

  • We are in the times where we all are swamped with toxins and extremely high-stress levels.
  • These two threats are causing us to have multifold health issues. There is no way a Gut doctor can address your imbalanced neurotransmitters with prescription antacids or antibiotics!
  • What's needed is to identify the imbalance and see the cascading effect it has on your other body organs. Times have changed and the old health care model of an isolated doctor for each organ system is dwindling and for the right reasons!
  • How can you separate and give up on your responsibility of, making a person enjoy the overall health and offer organ specific management of diseases.
  • Here is the new health model, and the doctors practicing this do not offer their patients a pill for each organ-specific ailment.
  • They are rather looking at the whole body improvement and that too with the help of nutrients and not matching the pill to the ill.
  • Functional medicine is revolutionizing the chronic disease management methodology from topping up with chemical-based pills to the correction of underlying disorder!

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FMMA Certification Course


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