Dr.Praveen K Saxena

Dr.Praveen K Saxena

Dr Saxena is medical graduate & Radiologist from Osmania Medical College ,Hyderabad working in the field Environmental Medicine Proud member of GLOBAL COALITION For AUTISM autism research institute USA MemberSOPMED(USA) STOX INSLAR IMA IRIA Ozone Forum Of India ,Faculty International Board Of Clinical Metal Toxicologist ISSMTCT Advisor to the Akhil Autism . Advisor Leadcon 2017 Faculty AAEM (American Academy of Environmental Medicine ) California 2020 A4M Delhi

Over years Dr. Saxena has helped people with chronic health problems using latest advances in complementary & integrative medicine,which emphasizes science based natural therapies in place of surgery & prescription medications. With Vast experience in the field of Radiology ( interventional), he has done extensive work in AUTISM & vaccine safety He adopted chronic disease management programs using novel treatment procedures like Detoxification, metabolic weight loss, nontoxic cancer therapies( immune modulation, nutraceuticals) External counterpulsation (non surgical bypass), Ozone & HYPERBARICS therapy for addressing various ailments He ia a author of a book DEALING WITH CANCER The essence of his practice is balancing the physiology and biochemistry at the cellular level by removing toxicity and & correcting oxygen levels

He is the founder and director of the Dr Saxena Integrative Medicine Pvt Ltd a start up recognized by the DIPP Government of India that has developed a plan for the transformation of health care in the India, which includes strategies for developing effective and affordable care for all Indians He considers each patient to be unique, and seek to combine treatment methods in both conventional and biological medicine to formulate protocols that are best suited to the individual patient.

Dr. Saxena’s Integrative Medicine makes these three things the centre of their medical practice to help their patients lead better quality of life. What they do? - (1) Offer comprehensive integrative and preventive health care, i.e., care for the whole body (2) Treat the underlying cause of health challenges instead of masking or suppressing symptoms (3) Combine the best of Western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness (4) Use innovative, non-invasive therapies to treat or effectively deal with health issues like Diabetes, Cancer, Autism, Heart ailments, Skin disorders, Infertility, and autoimmune disorders. He is one of those path-breaking doctors who views treatment of Autism in children as augmenting the way three central systems in the body communicate with each other - the nervous system, immune system and the digestive system. His approach to healthcare has already changed the lives of many and is increasing the awareness around the practice of integrative medicine.

He considers each patient to be unique, and seek to combine treatment methods in both conventional and biological medicine to formulate protocols that are best suited to the individual patient. He has practiced holistic and integrative medicine for over fifteen years, and worked for over ten years as a Board-Certified specialist in Clinical Metal Toxicologist He has lectured to groups in both orthodox clinical and holistic medicine, both locally and nationally, for a decade He has lectured at the Medical colleges as well as at physician education forums like IMA ,INMAS DRDO ,NIN etc

Conferences conducted TOXICITY IN CITY series for the last 5 years raising public awareness INTEGRATIVE ONCOLOGY UPDATE April 2017 Hyderabad Hotel Golconda International LEAD Conference 2016 Karad Maharashtra Leadcon Hyderabad 2017 sep NIN Tarnaka "Urban Environmental Management-Solutions for Sustainability” CSIR NEERI August 17-18, 2017" National Institute of Naturopathy,Ministry of AYUSH Safety and Efficacy of chelation therapy.

Speaker IBCMT metal toxicology 2009 ,2010,2011,2012 ISSMTCT conference 2009,2010,2011,2012 Anti Aging Conference Indomedicon 2010 2012 Ozone Forum Of India 2011, 2012,2013 2015 Dr.S.N.Mathur Oration award – IMA central 2012 IMA Warangal, Hyderabad North ,Zaheerabad Aditya ,Nilofour ,Osmania General Hospital MNJ Cancer hospital OGSH ( Gynaecology society Hyderabad) 2012 Medwin ,Mahavir Hospital, Princess Esra Hospital Olive Hospital Shadan College,Nizam College Osmania University – Biomedical engineering

Hyderabad Industries Limited BHEL , NFC Walkers clubs Rotary club Appeared in TV-9 i-news sakshi ,hmtv,Rubyinterview on environmental medicine ,ozone therapy Alternatives to bypass, cell phone – medical menace , Diet concepts & autism –vaccine issue

ABN – world cancer day-cancer alternates AIR - morning health talk , PPC conducted CEO meet at ISTA hotel 2011 –nutrition for night shift bpo employees Wellness –how to maintain health LAN Hypothesis

Cell phone disasters Goa talk in ISSMTCT 2013 Global Cancer Conference HITEX Hyderabad 2014 Multiple scleroses society Hyderabad chapter 2012 & 2014 Mumbai – Toxicity talk in BCCI 2011 Andhra Chamber of commerce about wellness Delhi Public School Secunderabad Toxicity talk 2014 - 8-9 standard

Dr.Kakarla Subba Rao International school 2014 Conducted TOXICITY IN THE CITY in collaboration with FICCI at Surana Auditorium FAPCCI H Innovative weight loss – Obesity seminar Kamma Sangham Hyderabad 2013 Symposium on Can Drinking water cause Heart Disease 2014

Impending Medical Disasters - Bar Council High Court AP 2014 NDMA FICCI drill at vizag may 2015 Biodiversity & Human Health Nizam College OU Centenery celebrations Nov 18th 2017 Invited as a Guest Speaker at WAARNEM2018 & SAAARMM 2018 Malaysia

Awards Dr.S.N.Mathur Oration award – IMA central 2012 Best Doctor Award Doctors Day 2015 2017 Vaidya Ratna award 2018 100 most impactful HEALTHCARE Leaders ( Global Listing ) 14 th feb 2018 Telangana HEALTHCARE leadership award 2017 2018 TELANGANA’S BEST HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALAward 2017 World HEALTH & WELLNESS CMO ASIA ASIA ONE FASTEST GROWING LEADERS 2019